Jennifer Grey


Jennifer Grey is an American actress who starred in the film Umazani ples (1987) opposite Patrick Swayze, a sleeper hit that would become one of the biggest films of the 1980s. She had previously appeared with Patrick Swayze in John Milius's cold war drama L'aube rouge (1984) as 'Toni', one of the 'Wolverines', a group of renegade teenagers fighting for their country during World War III. She then starred in Francis Ford Coppola's Cotton Club (1984) and the John Badham project Borba za zivljenje (1985). By this time she had been linked in with the 'so-called' Brat Pack and unsurprisingly won a starring role in John Hughes's hit comedy Prosti dan Ferrisa Bullerja (1986) playing the older sister of Matthew Broderick and love interest of Charlie Sheen. As the 1980s drew to a close, Jennifer headlined Howard Brookner's romantic drama Il était une fois Broadway (1989), which again teamed her with Alan Ruck, and also Matt Dillon and Madonna. Since then she has worked steadily, starring in over 34 Film and TV appearances including Le soulier magique (1990), Wind (1992), and Un amour infini (2000). Jennifer will nevertheless be best remembered as 'Baby' in Umazani ples (1987), a role that earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress.


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