Cung Le


Cung Le made his first appearance on the professional M.M.A. stage in 2006, and shortly after won the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship in 2008, setting high standards through his powerful kicks, skillful strikes, and well-timed take-downs. This U.S.-Viet Namese champion, actor, producer and action director is a household name in many parts of East Asia and is equally adored in Hollywood. He has starred in many major movies such as 'Puncture Wounds', 'Dragon Eyes', 'The Man With the Iron Fists', 'Pandorum' and Oscar-nominated 'The Grandmaster'. Born in Saigon, Viet Nam and arrived in the U.S. at three years old, this world-class fighter has graced the covers of many major martial arts publications such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Illustrated; and has made headlines and appearances in numerous main-stream outlets all over the world. Cung Le's latest high-profile project was coaching and mentoring fighters on the reality T.V. show: 'The Ultimate Fighter: China' and preparing them for the March 1st match in Macao where the winner earned a six-figure U.F.C. contract. This is the dream title that will catapult any fighter's status into stardom. Typically, the role of mentor and coach is reserved for the president of U.F.C. - Dana White. For the first time, he has appointed someone else - Cung Le - to take his position this season. This speaks volumes about Cung Le's martial arts skill and his ability to attract a world audience. Behind the scenes, Cung Le is an extremely down-to-earth, warm and fun-loving person with a positive view on life. He enjoys spending quality time and on vacation with his wife, taking his sons out to celebrate their academic and mixed martial arts successes at Five Guys Burgers, playing with his two dogs, embracing injuries with a light-hearted attitude, and training daily to stay in shape. He has been promoting his own amateur mixed martial arts event, Born to Fight, since 2001. He also attends martial arts events, works on various publicity projects, contributes positively to society through his "Train for a Cause with Cung Le" events, and stays true to himself by always expressing his candid points of view.


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